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John Deere’s G-III skidder series feature fast load gathering, a secure hold, and the strength to move big loads quickly. The 748 G-III skidder is the largest of the G-III series. It boasts 177 SAE gross horse power (132 kW) and a standard grapple head opening of 10 feet, 3 inches (3,124 mm).

The innovative G-III Series grapples are designed with two hydraulic cylinders, one for each tong, so they adjust to each load with a secure grip. You can feel secure knowing closed-center, load-sensing hydraulics maintain constant pressure on the tongs from start to finish, independent of the transmission. Box construction with three internal ribs on each tong makes them stronger without adding weight. Tong tips are constructed of wear-resistant cast steel for an even better grip and longer life.

The single function arch simply lowers and raises the grapple head. It is most productive working where it can pick up tightly bunched piles in a single pass. Dual-arch geometry uses four cylinders to reach out as well as lift. This extension can avoid changing the skidder’s position, saving time when loads are scattered or upslope. It pulls the load over the rear for the best weight distribution and heavy load control over longer hauls.

A heavy-duty decking blade comes standard on the 748G-III.

For really soft going, steep slopes or severe ground, the smooth, steady traction of the torque converter powershift can make all the difference. Meanwhile, inboard planetary axles feature wet disc brakes sealed and immersed in a cooling oil bath. They are self-equalizing and self-adjusting to decrease wear with on-the-fly differential locks.

The 748 G- III is powered by a John Deere 6081H, 6-cylinder diesel engine that is emissions compliant with an altitude-compensating, spark-arresting turbocharger. The engine uses an advanced, electronically controlled fuel injection system that automatically increases torque on demand. As a result, you get the highest torque from the engine to the wheels, getting the most out of your available power and every gallon of fuel. With the engine running at lower Rpms, fuel efficiency is improved even more, further lowering your daily operating costs.

Inside, the industry-leading cab design utilizes isolation mounts for reduced noise, vibration and driver fatigue. Operator comforts include a seat that swivels up to 30 degrees, ergonomically located controls, a tilt/telescopic steering wheel and A/C for use in all weather.

Other cab features include a tinted front windshield and sun visor, and heavy screens to secure the sides and back. The optional fully enclosed cab has polycarbonate windows on all openings with screens on the door windows only. This well-sealed cab keeps dust out and helps the air conditioning, venting and heating systems operate at peak efficiency.

When it comes to operating the skidder, soft-touch levers are positioned to give easy control with the least amount of effort. An electronic hand throttle option with three pre-set speeds lets the operator free up his throttle pedal foot. Control knobs for heating, venting, air conditioning and windshield wipers are handy without obstructing visibility.

A quick glance at the gauges tells you engine temperature, transmission oil temperature and fuel level. You can also call up digital readouts for hour meter, gear selection, battery voltage, engine rpm and hydraulic oil temperature, along with fault codes for the engine and transmission. The warning indicators are accompanied by audible alarm beeps, either critical for immediate shut-down or cautionary to warn of a less critical malfunction.

When it is time for service or maintenance, the cab can be released and hydraulically tilted in a few minutes for easy access. Daily servicing points are easy to get at, making routine maintenance quicker and less of a chore.
From arch to tong tip, and inside and out – the GIII Series grapples are built woods-tough, making your skidder as productive as it is reliable.